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OnTap Tips and Sample HTML


<!-- the title will be displayed in the Pilot's list of OnTap documents -->

<head><title>Place Your Title Here</title></head>


<h1>Start with a Heading</h1>

<a href="#label1">Link to Label1</a><br>
<a href="#label2">Link to Label2</a><br>

<p>Here is the first paragraph of our document. It's a good idea not to make the paragraphs too long, since less information fits on the Pilot's screen.

<p>Short paragraphs with some embellishment like <b>bold</b> or <u>underline</u> usually offer a good look on the Pilot.

<a name="label1"></a>

<p>Not all HTML tags can be supported on the Pilot. For example, tags that normally display italics don't display italics, since the Pilot contains no italic font.

<p>Another missing font on the Pilot is a fixed width font, so tags like "<tt>" can't be used to guarantee proper horizontal spacing for tabular data and the like.

<a name="label2"></a>

<p>Be sure to take a look at the HTML Reference that is part of the OnTap Demonstration Collection.

<p>The HTML Reference will show you exactly how OnTap will display various HTML tags on the Pilot. It's a very handy reference.


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