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Email Help: OnTap Translation Server


In general, there are a few general points to keep in mind when sending email to an OnTap Server:

- Use MIME-compliant mail attachments,
- Attach text files only (.txt, .htm, .html),
- Don't attach files as inline text,
- Don't use uuencoded file attachments,
- Don't use compressed files (.zip, .sit, etc.).

Microsoft Exchange

There are many general "issues" concerning Exchange 4., 5.0, and 5.5. In regards to OnTap, some Exchange configurations change the mime type of email attachments to something other than text/*. So if your email travels through an Exchange gateway (perhaps your office email system), try file names that end in .txt or .html. If these files are not recognized by the OnTap Translation Server, please relay this information to your Exchange server administrator.


Macintosh and Windows. Be sure to select "No compression" with attaching your document. Since AOL forces the "compression" option when you attach more than one document at a time, be sure to attach only one file to your email message.


CC:Mail version 8 now supports MIME attachments.

CompuServe CIM

Mac and Windows. The latest versions of CIM work with the OnTap Server.


Mac and Windows. Do NOT use the "BinHex" option when attaching your documents.

Internet Explorer

Mac and Windows versions work with the OnTap Server.

Microsoft Outlook

No inline attachments. Make sure file names end in .txt, .htm, or .html.


Mac and Windows. Navigator versions after 3.0. Make sure file names end in .txt, .htm or .html.

Microsoft Mail

No inline attachments. Make sure file names end in .txt, .htm or .html

Unix Mail

Ensure files are encoded as MIME. The OnTap Server will not recognize files attached with uuencoding.

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